FeedbackMantra Features

 Automate Your Feedback Solicitation

Automate your feedback solicitation within seconds. After the initial sign up, your FeedbackMantra account goes to work and automatically solicits feedback for orders from customers. Based on your preferences, you can tell FeedbackMantra how often and for which products to solicit Amazon feedback. Set it once, and watch the feedback roll in. The account comes with pre-configured setting and templates so you can start right away.

 Automate Product Reviews

A unique feature of our tool is that it allows you to solicit product reviews from customers after they have had a chance to use your product. Product reviews are the best way to increase sales without spending on promotions. Based on your preferences, you can tell FeedbackMantra how often and for which products to solicit product feedback.

  Use Product Categories to efficiently manage how you solicit feedback

Categorize your products for easy management. Apply a template on a certain group of products or exclude a group of products from being reviewed. This is an extremely powerful feature that will make managing large number of products a breeze.

  Timing is the Key

Optimally customize your email timing to when your customers are most likely to open the message, click through, and leave feedback.

  Feedback Solicitation with a twist

Our pre-configured templates are designed in a way that you can identify unhappy customers and provide them a solution before they leave a negative feedback.

Convert Feedback into New Revenue

Sellers are able to close more orders if they have positive feedback. Take control in soliciting positive feedback from the buyers and increasing sales.

Enhancements and new tools

Receive free access to new functionality and marketplace tools that we develop.

Custom Products reviews and Order feedback emails template and Campaign

Provide customized reviews and templates for order feedback emails and campaigns.

Negative Review management

FeedbackMantra manages negative reviews.

Sales trends in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days by SKU

Check sales trends of upto last 3 months.

Inventory Monitoring management

Manage inventory monitoring.

Top selling SKU lists for 30, 60, 90 days

Lists of top selling sku of upto last 90 days.

Unique data science certified technique

FeedbackMantra uses matchless certified data science technique.