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What is FeedbackMantra?

Amazon Sellers love using FeedbackMantra since it increases positive reviews leading to organic increase in sales ranking. Thanks to cloud computing, FeedbackMantra is able to pass on cost savings to its users. Data science combined with powerful AI helps identify patterns in sales and orders and help Amazon Sellers with more revenue. Built by an amazon seller who understands that margins are tight and hence keeps pricing at cost to help the seller community. It's a way of giving back to the same community.

FeedbackMantra is a feedback management tool for e-commerce sellers. It has been created based on research done by scientists based on experiences of veteran Amazon Merchants.

The two most important factors that determine organic sales on Amazon's marketplace are order feedback and product review. Over 90% of Amazon buyers typically fail to leave feedback or post a product review. In addition to this, customers with a negative experience are more motivated to leave feedback. This variance in reviews hurts the Amazon seller even when he has a great line of products to offer.

So, what is your strategy for getting more positive feedback on Amazon? Try FeedbackMantra.

FeedbackMantra is a new feedback management tool, built by an Amazon merchant who understands the need and importance of getting positive reviews. It has been designed specifically for Amazon merchants. How does it work? Merchants use our cloud based software-as-a-service (SAAS) to automatically solicit feedback from customers, review negative and neutral feedbacks received, monitor trends, request removal of negative feedbacks, and even manage Amazon Product Reviews. All through a fully customizable web based solution conveniently accessible from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. FeedbackMantra is easy to setup and solicits reviews in a new way so you receive mostly positive reviews and are able to connect to unhappy consumers before they leave a negative feedback. Developed by UnoEcom, FeedbackMantra gives merchants the power to proactively manage their feedback through supplier feedback scores and thus solicit product reviews for better reviews.

How is FeedbackMantra priced?

As an Amazon merchant, we understand that profitability is tight and hence we have reasonably priced our tool. The best part is that if you sign up now in Promotion Phase, you will get the lowest price and get future tool enhancements for FREE.

Why you should try FeedbackMantra?

FeedbackMantra is simple to use and cheaper than its competition by at least 15 times. It gives you much more emails to use.

Amazon Sellers love using FeedbackMantra. Thanks to cloud computing, FeedbackMantra is able to pass on cost savings to its users. With experienced data science behind the scenes, we help you with customized feedback solicitation mailings. Coming up are feature engineering and machine learning to help identify patterns in sales and orders and help Amazon Sellers with more revenue.

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